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HNI Services

     Are you an investor with a portfolio size of Rs.25 lac and above?
If Yes, HNI Service would be a good choice to build a customized equity portfolio. This service is non-discretionary in nature, giving you complete control of your stocks while receiving professional opinion from us. We offer personalized stock recommendations after evaluating the the risk profile and risk tolerance of an investor. It will help you to get existing portfolio review and  rebalancing of an exclusive model portfolio. HNI service is a portfolio advisory solution which helps to utilize the fair price/discount opportunities across various sectors and stocks.

Pillars of HNI Service

Techno fundamental screening is the foundation of our portfolio construction. We use best in class news providers and analytical platforms to offer the best recommendations to all clients. HNI portfolios are monitored regularly to make better rewards over medium to long term. We provide buy, sell, Hold suggestions in Equity and ETFs as per the opportunities in market. We help HNI investors to maintain dynamic and tactical asset allocation, which is considered as ideal investment philosophy for medium term.
 We analyze existing portfolio of client to restructure it as per Blend strategy (Value + Growth ) as part of new enrollment. Then, we construct a customized portfolio and do periodic review. Our strategy has maintained accuracy of 90% in bull market and 80% in sideways market, though patience is required in bear market. We prefer contrarian stock selection strategy and do not chase over bought shares.

Asset classes in HNI service

Investing in shares is considered as part of ownership in business. Investing in quality stocks leads to long term wealth creation.It offers three benefits such as capital gains, bonuses and dividends. We give importance to capital gains in medium term.But, long term investors can avail other benefits too.
Index Funds
Exchange traded funds help to participate in index movement of domestic and global markets.We invest in Index funds listed in NSE/BSE.
Sector Funds
Few Sectors may provide better discount opportunities than others. We try to utilize it by adding in customized portfolios.

HNI Service v/s PMS

    As name denotes, HNI service is designed for high networth investors. This service is ideal for a surplus of Rs.25 lac and above. Most of the PMS schemes also cater same kind of clients. But, HNI service is different from PMS due to the flexibility and customization.

    HNI service fee is flat; not percentage based as in PMS.This reduce investor’s advisory cost while deploying more funds. For an example, If investment is Rs.50 lac and a pms fee is 3%, client should pay Rs.1.5 lac as annual fee in a PMS. At the same time, our HNI service charge a flat annual fee Rs.25000 only irrespective of the investment amount or Rs.13500 for half year. So, it would be cost effective for high networth investors. 

 HNI service offer customized model portfolios and client has freedom to maintain it in his own demat account. PMS companies collect investment amount and manage it, often with a lock in period. In HNI service, clients can avail our model portfolio construction and monitoring service while maintaining the funds in existing demat account. We give customized stock suggestions by giving full freedom and discretion to clients.


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