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Master the markets Training is a comprehensive one day programme to learn the  methods of shares investing and online trading .It includes cash,futures and options trading strategies with chart analysis.It will help the participant to make decent profits and avoid losses by understanding the risk and return.

    Any one can participate in the maket with any size of capital.To succeed,knowledge and skills are essential.This programme will help you to learn the methods in a single day, without wasting so many years and money.

ร˜   You will be able to acquire the three benefits of Equity investing by getting bonus,dividend and capital appreciation.You will learn to encash both up trend and down trend in the markets.You can identify the trend before you enter into a trade.

  You can find out good entry and exit levels in the markets by technical analysis.You will learn to hedge the positions and make returns from arbitrage.Means, It can transform your knowledge,life and wealth.You can apply the practically tested and practical strategies in your online trading and investing.

  You can become powerful by mastering the markets like legend investors.Warren buffet ,World's third richest man created his whole wealth from financial markets.In India, Rakesh junjunwalah made around Rs.5000 crore by value investing over the period.Mastering the markets need certain skills, which you can learn from us.Our strategy is not utilising the rise in prices only, but also to gain from the fall in prices.
Learn : How to utilise both direction of the markets? How to protect your capital? How to ensure proft booking?

  It will enrich your knowledge and empower your wisdom.Avoid all misconceptions from wrong advisors.Learn the analysis methods of Managed funds, pension funds and foreign institutional investors.
Master the Markets programme is simple and easy to learn.You need unending desire and passion.Learn the hidden secrets and rules before you earn in the Markets.

Decide now.Learn to protect your capital and make returns by partcipating in 'Master the Markets' seminar.

Trainer : Sony Joseph AFP
Back ground materials will be given  as 3 videos.
contact 9645954155 or email : for more info.
Master the markets  is an exclusive full day workshop for the investors/traders/public to utilise the opportunities in financial markets.It covers the proven methods to deal with Equities.


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