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Why we need a Portfolio?

Why you should read Annual Reports ?

Equity Market Outlook

The market’s going up! The market’s going down! The market’s going sideways! People shout out their feelings of where the market’s about to go. But where it’s actually headed is not something anyone can predict. At the same time, if you participate in the market, you should have your own idea as to what’s going on- your unique perspective. The market currently reflects the presence of a bunch of optimistic participants. A strong-looking economy gave us hopes of an increase in GDP, but it failed to meet expectations in previous quarters.

           Structural reforms always shake up the system, which is exactly what happened during demonetization and the GST rollout. These baby steps aimed at a better future, saw our reluctance in accepting change. Years of outcry against black money, but demonetization wouldn’t be worth our patience. A tax reform had been due for decades now, but presented with the GST bill, change was too fast.Public reluctance to adopt this paradigm shift reflected i…