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Financial Coaching

   Our education system teach arts and science, but not personal finance. Lack of knowledge in personal finance is derimental for success.People should learn about savings ,loans and investment.Otherwise,they cannot manage money properly.So,financial coaching act as the foundation for success.Know the ways for wealth creation and apply it in life.        My Financial Coaching and Mentoring Programmes include Personal Finance Coaching and Mentoring.It is available via online and classroom modes. Well suited for all investors and traders.Syllabus include Short term and long term strategies for Equity and ETF, Day trading course for Commodities,Nifty futures and Options, Successful strategies for Bullish & Bearish markets, Asset allocation and portfolio preparation etc.   Mentoring Support include Premium services for HNIs /MNIs & Corporates.It consists of Investment counselling, Wealth Guidance and Quarterly Review meetings, Restructuring of Investment plan a

Why some traders fail ?

         This is a real life story of a trader.He started in the market very well and ended in tragedy.He lost the capital,house and property.He has tried day trading,positional trading,futures & options and most of the penny stocks. Nothing made profit.Only Loss,debt and failure.Now he is desperate and pessimistic about life.He Demotivates young generation:" Don't go to share market "          Why ? Is it the mistake of stock market? or Is it his fate? I believe, this collapse is the result of his over confidence and false approach.He traded like a gambler and never learned about shares or market trend.Always,traded opposite to the market movement and done panic trades.So,he lost every thing.      Moral of the story: Analyse your actions always and give first priority for knowledge.Take only calculated risks.                        

How to Invest in Stock Market ?

4 Tips for Stock Market Investing     People make money from business activities.Share market also does the same can get returns by buying shares of any company listed on stock exchange.What we need is that identifying the right opportunity.Great Investors such as Warren buffet and Peter lynch created amazing wealth from stock market.They proved, making money from stock market is not a herculean task.Let us check how it is possible for all.  1. Learn How to invest    Most of the people start to learn seriously only after making loss in stock market.Share market tend to move as per supply and demand mechanism. This creates profit or loss for an investor.Buyers and sellers are fixing the price of a share,based on fundamental and technical factors.   Fundamentals means the financial strength of a company.Technicals denote the prevailing trend in price.No one can make money without knowing these basic things.So,learn the basics of fundamental and technical ana

How to open a Demat account ?

      Demat account means dematerialised or electronic account.It is used for holding shares, exchange traded funds and eCommodities.In India,Demat account is compulsory for share market transactions.Physical shares are almost disappeared after the launch of online trading.     Demat accounts are offered by Depository participants(DP).DPs are the members of Depositories such as CDSL and NSDL.Most of the stock broking companies are offering demat accounts.You have to submit Know your customer(KYC) details such as Identity proof,Adress proof,Bank proof and PAN details for Demat account opening.You will receive a unique client code, after account is opened.Normally,the application form will contain trading account formalities also.You can buy,sell or hold shares with this 2 in 1 account.     Demat account helps you to purchase or sell shares from National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange.Now,people buy eCommodities such as Egold, Esilver etc from National spot exchange

My Dad's Financial teachings

     I started Financial freedom blog followed by the dreams of my Dad.He was always interested in my personal finance initiatives.Each day, he asked about my online activities and checked the blog analytics of global readership of V.T.Joseph, My loving Dad,has died at the age of 67 after a battle with Interstitial lung disease.His financial teachings about financial planning are simple and easy to follow: 1. Save regularly to meet all needs in the future. 2. Write your income and expenses in a notebook. 3. Plan Spending for your wants, not luxuries. 4. High expenditures for perishable things are useless. 5. Include land into your portfolio.    6. Invest in education and skill development. 7. Take own decisions.Don't follow the spending style of others. 8. Charity is the part of personal finance. 9. Know the value of money. 10. Never be greedy to be the slave of money .