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3 Apps for SMEs

           Apps are widely used to improve performance   and productivity.It save time and expenditure.Apps help to do the work   more efficiently in a given period of time. I have selected 3 simple and easy to use apps for small and medium enterprises.If you are properly planning, it can grow your business.     1. Google Drive   - is an app from google.It provides you 5 GB storage free of cost.You can keep all type of files in google drive and share any file with others.For an example, a sales manager can view, comment and edit the reports of his sales team.You can access this   app any time with your computer or smart phone.   2. Mailchimp -   is an email marketing tool to design and send personalised email newsletters,You can view the open rate of emails and other reprts.It has features such as email templates and sign up forms for your website.Mailchimp helps to get and convert leads for growing your business. 3. Slideshare - is a web interface for sharing present