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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Equity Portfolio: Nov 2013

    Rakesh Jhunjunwala has made some changes in his Rs.5500 crore portfolio.He reduced the exposure in Titan industries,Lupin and Crisil.He raised the stake in Kesoram ,Dewan Housing finance,VIP industries,Escorts and First source solutions.   Jhunjunwala's stake  VIP Industries  10 % Kesoram Industries 6.8 % Nagarjuna Constructions 11.5% Agro tech foods 8 % Pipavav defence 1.4 % TV18 Broadcast 1.3 % Geometric software 19% Titan Industries 9% Crisil 5.6 % Lupin 1.75% Spice Jet 1.9 %  He maintained the investments in Geojith BNP paribas,Anant raj,sterling hotels and prime focus unchanged.He expect good returns from indian equities over next 3 to 5 year period.

Entrepreneur story :Kochouseph chittilappilly

           Kochouseph chittilappilly is a role model for many budding entrepreneurs in kerala.He was born in a village named parappur, near Trichur and completed child hood education in a parish school.After graduation from Christ college,Irinjalakuda and   masters in physics from St.Thomas college,Trichur, he joined as a supervisor trainee in an electronic manufacturing company. He worked there for three years for a monthly salary of Rupees Eight hundred and fifty.     An ambitious entrepreneur cannot stay long in a small platform which restrict knowledge and growth opportunies. In 1977, he decided to start own business by seeing the degrowth in the company where he worked.That amazing decision to face the risks and challenges of business,which was not experienced by him earlier,created history in electronics. Kochouseph started with a borrowed capital of rupees one lakh from his father,which helped him to set up a modest stabilizer manufacturing unit in a 400 sq.ft rented s

Warren Buffett: A Short Biography

    Warren Buffet is the largest investor in the world.He is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.Buffet is Known as Oracle of Omaha.He started investing at the age of 11.Buffet's father Howard was a stock broker and later became a U.S Congressman.Buffet studied at Wharton school and graduated from Columbia business school.     After post graduation,he worked as a socks analyst with Benjamin Graham,the author of 'Intelligent investor'.In 1956,he started Buffet Associates ltd.In six years, the firm had networth of $ 7 million.By next year,he had three partnership firms.In 1962,he merged all firms to invest in Berkshire Hathaway, a textiles manufacturing firm.Buffet.    In 1970,he became the charman of Berckshire Hathaway and his  net worth reached $620 million in next 9 1985,he stopped textile divisionand  concentrated on insurance business.His Company purchased leading  firms such as See's Candies, Fruit of the Loom, Dairy Queen, The Pampered Chef and GEI

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes.

       Robert Kiyosaki is a Japanese American entrepreneur and author of international best seller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ .He was born in Hawaii. After high school, he graduated from U.S Merchant Marine Academy.Then; he joined the U.S. Marines as a deck officer in 1969 and went to Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot.       He returned from Vietnam in 1975 and became a salesman at Xerox Corporation. After three years,he started his own company.Unfortunately it went bank rupt. After struggling with Tshirt business,he incorporated Cashflow Technologies, Inc in 1985 and it became a success.Apart from running two successful business firms, Kiyosaki has also invested real estate,mines,stock market and precious metals.   He have published more than twenty five books.His books such as Cash flow Quadrant,Rich dad Poor dad,Guide to investing,Conspiracy of the rich and Increase your financial IQ are international best sellers Kiyosaki Quotes   “In school we learn that mistake

The CASH FLOW Quadrant

        The CASHFLOW Quadrant , is a concept developed by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad'.The letters in Cash flow Quadrant are E,B,S,and I.It shows the potential of wealth creation among people with different work profile. The EBSI letters are as follows. E: Employee – Working for someone else.He earn a fixed salary per month.There are certain limits for the income potential of an employee. S: Self-employed  – Self employed person doesn't have a  boss.He have freedom.But,income is depended upon working time. B: Business owner – Business owners make money with a sound business set up.He utilise other's time,money and sills to make money. I: Investor – Investor focus on various passive income opportunities.Money work for them,without active involvement.They invest in real estate,equities,precious metals,art etc. As per Kiyosaki's words, an employee or self employed person