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MCX ACT - Free Commodity Charting

        Multi Commodity exchange provide a free commodity charting tool in it's website, known as MCX ACT.This is a web based technical analysis chart.It contains 3 types of data : Expired commodity futures contracts, unexpired contracts,and index charts.We can analyse the charts of listed agri commodities and Metals in MCX.User can check Line chart or candlestick chart in the 'Price style' section.  We can view nd evaluate intraday or historical price movement.      Intraday chart is available in multiple time frames. Trader should give time interval in minutes.Suggested time frames for day traders are 5 minutes and 15 minutes.Periods in the Historical charts include  daily,weekly,monthly or yearly time frames. You can also load major technical indicators such as EMA,Bollinger band,RSi,Parabolic this chart.Trendlines and Cross hairs are also applicable.                    MCX  ACT is an advanced and useful technical analysis platform.Commodity futures trade

How to use NSE TAME chart ?

            TAME (Technical analysis made easy) is an online technical analysis platform from National stock exchange,India.Offered as a free charting tool useful for retail investors,it provides all types of charts.Whether it is intraday or historical chart analysis,this web based chart have all form of line chart,candle stick chart and OHLC charts.If you want to evaluate stocks in the time frames such as 1 minute,15 minute or 1 hour ,you can easily manage it in TAME chart.In addition to Intraday chart features,Historical chart can be used to check daily,weekly and monthly time frames in different periods.  How to use TAME Charts?      Fiirstly, You need to  visit and click ‘Technical charts’ in home page to open exclusive chart window.You can see both price chart and volume bars in the chart which is essential for technical analysis.You must select any market Segment like CM (Cash market which comprise all shares),INDEX (Nifty,and sectoral indices)