22 Mar 2012

How to be a winning trader?

        Most of the clients approached me first with these queries: "I have enough time.Show me a good part time opportunity"," I like to work from home and make money online","Can i get consistent returns?"
Sure.Online day trading is a perfect solution for all these queries.But,you have to practice like a professional.
           Day trading requires low capital as margin money.It is a concept of leveraged trading.You don't need to worry over the nights about positions or holdings.Each day starts with fresh opportunity.You can opt trading,only if you like to do it.There is no compulsion for sitting infront of the computer always.This is so liberal to start and stop as per your convenience.Eventhough,becoming a winning trader is not an easy task.
It is a learning process of updating market information,knowledge and skills.
Each beginner can practice successful trades by implementing the below rules.
1.Watch the world indices daily and evaluate the trend .
2.Install a trading platform in your computer for understanding the market.
3.Buy a professional candlestick chart with automated buy sell signals and confirm the accuracy.
4.Start your trading practice in indices ( Nifty,Dow jones. etc) or commodities(Gold or Copper.)
5. Do not take excess leverage .Margin is not luxury.
6.Track your progress daily and record it in a notebook or excel for at least one month.
7.Market is not a casino.Dont follow rumours and negative messages from others .Use your brain to analyse the situations.You can do it alone.
8.Avoid trading in sideways market without trend .
9.Strictly follow stoploss orders to limit loss when entering into trades.
10.Focus in only one scrip at a time and be a master.Don't mix different scrips or markets.
11.Learn to do Long(Buy) in positive market and Short(Sell) in negative market.You can practise this with the future contracts .ie:Nifty, Mini Nifty, Mini Gold etc.
12.No one can make all trades profitable.Practise consistently for maximum success.If you win 6 trades out of ten,you are above average.
13. Normally,you may get one or two good trades in a day.
14.Dont expect more.Calculate as percentage.
Rs.1500 gain out of Rs.30000 capital is not less.Remember,it is 5 % return.
15.Focus on small profits and keep going on.
Don't dream to double your capital in a week or month time.

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17 Mar 2012

Make money from OPTIONS.

 People  get profits from real estate,gold or shares when prices are rising.But, i like to introduce you an excellent avenue for making money even if prices are falling.Make profit in any direction of the market ,whether it is upward or downward.Online trading in option contracts provide us the chance of profit  in positive and negative market situations. 
        Options contracts are traded on stock exchanges.but,we cannot buy options like buying a share.It is a bundle.It has lot size,strike price and contract expiry date.Another thing is that each option will expire on month end.In Indian markets,Options expiry date is the last Thursday of each month.Strike price denotes the expectation level of a trader.Different strike levels are available for trading.Normally,a professional trader choose the nearby strike price of current market levels.
     Options may be based on market index or stocks.It is a derived product.
     Two types of options are available for trading-Call options and Put Options. Call options help us to make profit in positive or rising market.Put options give us profit in market crashes or negative situations.  
  Why professional traders choose options trading?   1.Minimum capital requirement as margin money.
  2.The percentage of potential return is larger than shares, gold , real estate and futures contracts.
  3.Daily fluctuations normally varies from 10 to 100 percent.
  4.Well suited for Day trading.
  5.Can trade in indices such as Nifty or S&P 500.
 1.Value of Options become Zero when reaching expiry date.
 2. Options are not good for investment purpose due to time decay nature.
            Trading in options is like a game.Becoming a smart player is the most important thing.Even though,profit potential of options are amazing if we compare it with  other avenues.

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10 Mar 2012

Mind and Personal finance.

            Self realization is considered as the most powerful thing for personality development.It  reveals you the condition of mind and soul.Personal finance keep direct connection with mind.Getting prosperity is not easy for agitated people.Calm and cool mindset is required to plan your savings and investments.Meditate and find out the answers for the following questions.It will help you for identifying  your  personality and create a new self for prosperity.

1.Do you have any life goal?If yes,where you stand now?
2.Can you maintain Quality and Ethics always?Believe in truth and values?
3.Are you open minded,friendly and tolerant ?or egoistic?
4.Do you respect your parents and friends ?
5.Have you permitted loneliness and procastination into your life?
6.Do you ever fell into fraudulent activities and crime?
7.Do you believe in your capabilities ?
8.Ready to overcome any kind of  hurdles and Obstacles?
9.Can you work,rest and sleep well ?
10.Are you able to experience and enjoy  each moments of life?

Check and evaluate your answers.If you have found clear life goal,values,selfconfidence and ethics in mind,you can start personal financial planning.The halfway is done.

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7 Mar 2012

Trading Charts and Profit.

Few weeks back , a friend curiously asked me about the strategy for successful Day trading. i told him to read article : Day trading-Hidden Rules.After reading it, he argued that day trading is gambling. I smiled to him and asked,why? 
 'people lose money,isnt it?'
 ' yes..'.i replied:'Have you analysed why people lose?'
'Do you ever find trading charts with these losers?'
'That is the reason of their loss.'
 Ok.Can u explain it? He asked.
 'sure.Trading without charts is like driving a car without steering . Making profit is not an easy job.You need good understanding about charts,especially candlesticks. You should study about moving averages,MACD,Stochastics,RSI etc. Otherwise,you cannot identify the market trend.'
'Is these things are tough to learn?'He asked.
 'If you have interest and passion,it is easy'
 'Tell me,How can i practice it?'
 'Buy any professional chart and observe it continuously for at least one month.now,automated signals are also available. This will provide clear picture.'
 He accepted it and bought a professional chart.
Last day , i enquired: Is it gambling?
 He Laughed:'i dont know,but i like it so much now a days.beacuse,i have learned the art of making decent profits'
All the best friend.Nothing is tough.Nothing is easy.

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