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Financial awareness initiative

      Financial awareness initiative is an attempt  by to educate the people about savings and financial planning.It follows the guidelines by SEBI , NSE and Financial Planning Standards Board India.These Non Paid sessions are suitable for different groups of people who want to improve their financial discipline and maintain financial freedom in life.
    These short awareness sessions are ideal for:

     Resident Associations, Professional Bodies, Insurance Companies, Schools & Colleges, Employees of different Companies and various organizations.
    Financial awareness initiative spreads the message of savings habit, financial discipline and financial planning.These Short sessions  does not contain selling of any financial product.It provide general rules and scientific approach for financial freedom.

     Financial awareness sessions will take minimum 30 minutes to maximum 1 hour as per the requirement of the group.
   Currently, it is conducted in Ernakulam and premises only.For more details: call 9645954155.