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50 Tips to save money

               Savings is not easy in the new era of consumerism and technology.Small precautions in money matters can make big difference in your personal savings.Practice these savings ideas in your daily life.It will help to spend money wisely and improve your savings habit.

  1.Save your coins and Put in a box.Use it for Savings purpose.
  2.Track your daily expenses.
  3.Record your Spendings in a diary.
  4.Spend if it is required for a need or goal.make a spending plan.
  5.Avoid loose talk over phone and reduce your mobile bills
   6.Avoid unnecessary travels by car to save fuel expenses.
   7.Control the usage of electricity and water.
   8.Don't follow an 'EMI' life.Loans and interest is carving your potential savings
   9.Use Emails,Chat,Video chats for Communication.
   10.Don't apply for fresh loans.
   11.Payoff High interest loans.
    12.Switch your debt to low interest loans.
    13.Reduce the use of credit cards
    14.Avoid revolving credit facility.Always pay the Outstanding amount before the due date.
    15.Calculate the future value of your goals.
    16.Prepare a list before shopping.
    17.Be generous,but not lavish.
    18.Buy Quality goods.
    19.Check alternatives for Premium Branded items.
    20.Reduce frequent 'Outings' and costly entertainments.
    21.Stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking to save money.
    22.Be awre about the market price of any good.
    23.Negotiate for better deals.
    24.Repair and reuse the goods , if possible.
    25.Replace items,if there is no other option.
    26.Don't be fascinated by changing fashions and trends.
    27.Use libraries for Books and CDs.
    28.Avoid Late fee.Pay bills on due date.
    29.Get Expert advice and avoid big mistakes.
    30.Do not bounce your cheques.
    31.Plan well before investing.
    32.Know your risk levels.Take calculated risks only.
    33.Compare the best plans before buying any thing.
    34.Practice compulsory savings through recurring deposits and systematic plans.
    35.Save money to invest in assets.
    36.Avoid purchasing perishable things.
    37.Do not treat yourself.Consult doctors to evaluate your health.
    38.Prepare a Personal cash flow statement.
    39.Educate your family members about savings.
    40.Strictly follow your Spending Plan.
    41.Evaluate your expenditues in a day or week.
    42.Time is Money.Use it efficiently
    43.Do Cost Benefit analysisbefore any spending.
    44.Consult with an unbiased financial planner.
    45.Do not buy insurance from Uncle agents.
    46.Use asset allocation.
    47.Save daily and strictly invest as per risk level.
    48.Learn well before taking any project.
   49.Do not buy cheap items.It may not last.
    50.Organise your money matters and cash flow.