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Investing Tips for 2013

     Investing is an art of opportunities.At the same time, it is a game of risk and possibilities.All  investors have good and bad periods.Unnecessary anxiety and tension will affect your investment decision.Be calm,open minded and strictly follow these rules.

 1. Take full responsibility of your investment decision.Never complain any other person for your fall.Avoid to rely the recommendation of your friends or relatives.Use your brain always to evaluate the situation.
2.Dont invest borrowed money.Invest from your savings.
3.Control your emotions and keep balance even in adverse market conditions.
4.Start to invest small and test your wisdom and capability.
5.Do not follow the crowd.
6.Maintain enough capital.Smaller the capital,higher the risk.Small investors can choose monthly systematic  investment plans.
7.Build a portfolio of different assets as per your risk profile.Review it every month.
 But,do not switch frequently.
8.Analyse the past performance and future  potential.
9.Understand the general trend of financial markets
10.Fundamentals succeed on long term.So,Stick into good business which is increasing market share.


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