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Gold Petal

         Gold Petal is a one gram gold contract traded on Multi commodity exchange,India.Delivery is available in demat or physical form  for accumulation of 8 grams.It  is a good investment option for retail investors.They can  buy 1 gram gold futures contract with nominal margin money .Purity is 999 and approved by London Bullion market association(LMBA).

1.No Making charges or fund management charges.
3.Can trade in MCX from 10 am to 11.55 pm.
4.Need to pay only 5 %  initial  margin to buy the; Margin of 1 gold petal is only Rs.140.So, it is the most cost effective way to trade in gold.
5.Can carry forward to the next month contract.
 Investors can avail this facility by opening a trading account with members of multi commodity exchange.