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My Dad's Financial teachings

 I started Financial freedom blog followed by the dreams of my Dad.He was always interested in my personal finance initiatives.Each day, he asked about my online activities and checked the blog analytics of global readership of V.T.Joseph, My loving Dad,has died at the age of 67 after a battle with Interstitial lung disease.His financial teachings about financial planning are simple and easy to follow:
1. Save regularly to meet all needs in the future.
2. Write your income and expenses in a notebook.
3. Plan Spending for your wants, not luxuries.
4. High expenditures for perishable things are useless.
5. Include land into your portfolio.   
6. Invest in education and skill development.
7. Take own decisions.Don't follow the spending style of others.
8. Charity is the part of personal finance.
9. Know the value of money.
10. Never be greedy to be the slave of money.