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Financial Coaching

Our education system teach arts and science, but not personal finance.
Lack of knowledge in personal finance is derimental for success.People should learn about savings ,loans and investment.Otherwise,they cannot manage money properly.So,financial coaching act as the foundation for success.Know the ways for wealth creation and apply it in life.

       My Financial Coaching and Mentoring Programmes include Personal Finance Coaching and Mentoring.It is available via online and classroom modes.Well suited for all investors and traders.Syllabus include Short term and long term strategies for Equity and ETF,Day trading course for Commodities,Nifty futures and Options,Successful strategies for Bullish & Bearish markets, Asset allocation and portfolio preparation etc.
  Mentoring Support include Premium services for HNIs /MNIs & Corporates.It consists of Investment counselling,Wealth Guidance and Quarterly Review meetings,Restructuring of Investment plan and Back up support.