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Don't Invest Every thing in Equity ?

    Equities are high risky;but high return Asset class.
    It is not suitable for every one.
    Check your Risk profile and Risk tolerance before any decision.
    Short term volatility in market makes many people panic.
    It may go up or down as per news about company specific datas,industry information,economic and global news.
   High Risky investors with high risk tolerance invest for medium to long term irrespective of sudden fluctuations.but,it creates fear among conservative investors who have low risk tolerance.
So,don't Invest in equities,if you are too much conservative like:
- If you don't expect return above bank FD (7% annum) and not ready to bear any risk for extra gains.Market is not a place for conservative savers.
- If you are not able to pick good shares based on Equity analysis. Market Knowledge is the foundation of investing.Selection of fundamentally strong, Undervalued,and fairly priced companies leads to profit.
-If you fear about regular volatility,corrections, and crash,it may become a nightmare.Fluctuations are part of the market.You cannot avoid it.Learn to reduce risk and enhance gains with proper risk management,if you are serious about investing.
- If you are not ready to spend time for learning and practice regularly,You will face difficulties in unexpected moves in shares.Stock prices move up and down.We should track it to grab opportunity.
-If you are not  confident to do self study or not having a trustworthy investment advisor.Without adequate skillset or an expert advisor,you cannot succed in market.

Invest only if you are comfortable with short term price fluctuations and well prepared for the field.

Disclaimer: Investments are subject to market risk.