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BSE Plus: Free Tool for investors

             BSE Plus is a company information and analysis  platform from Bombay stock exchange.It offers advaced features for fundamental analysis and chart reading. Investors can add the watchlist of stocks. He can make and view the portfolio of stocks, ETF and fixed income.
               BSE Plus Dash board contains coporate announcement and price quote. We can view detailed corporate information such as company reults,share holding pattern and bulk deals.Most attractive part of this platform is the charting tool.   It provide us features for line chart,bar chart and candlesticks chart with volume bars.We can use 15 different technical indicators including moving averages, ADX and  Bollinger bands to analyse share price movement. Popular drawing tools as trendlines, horizontal line and retracements also available.Multiple Time frames  from 1 minute to yearly data is another attraction.These features make it a very useful chart.
     BSE plus is a good platform for beginners as well as experienced investors to know the fundamentals and technicals of a company.BSE provide it free of cost, for the registered users.
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