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Nifty Bees: ETF

       Nifty Bees is the first exchange traded fund in India.It tracks the movement of S&P CNX Nifty index of National Stock exchange,India.Unit Value of Nifty bees will be 1/10 the Nifty 50 index.So,retail investors can purchase it easily and get the benefits of index movement.

    Expense ratio of Nifty bees is lower than other Mutual funds in this category.It is an index fund.So, no need to manage it actively.Liquidity is  high due to the trading on stock exchange platform.We can buy it from National stock exchange.
   Nifty bees units are traded and settled in dematerialised form.So, Demat account is a must for investing in Nifty bees.There is no Entry Load or Exit Load for this scheme.
   Nifty bees offers diversified portfolio of largest 50 companies in India.Now,It comes under the category of Rajiv Gandhi Equity savings scheme(RGESS).So,new investors can get tax benefits also.Nifty ETF is a good avenue for stock trading and investment.