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Swing trading and Value Investing.

My research and experience in financial market over the last 6 years revealed below insights for making profits.
1.Swing trading is the most successful method for short term trading and investing in equity,nifty,currency ,gold and commodity.
2.Value Investing is ideal for medium term and long term gains from Investing.

So, blending of these methods will help us to make profit from the market.

  Swing trading techniques: benefits
 1.It helps to understand the trend and direction .
2.You can make profit in both directions of the market,whether it is UP or DOWN.
3.Swing trading helps to gain from short term stock picking.
4.Swing trading utilise price Swings for making.It helps to avoid trading in sideways market.
Swing trading a scientific method of analysing future price of a stock with technical indicators and Chart patterns.

Value Investing. 
Value investing or fundamental analysis is a method used by successful investors such as Warren buffet,Peter lynch and Rakesh junjun wala.It contains analysing financial statements of a stock before buying it.It includes ratio analysis such as EPS and P/E  , sector studies and news analysis of economy.
Why blending both strategies?
Being a successful investor and trader is a dream for many people.
So, use both methods  jointly for getting clear idea.
If we do swing trading in fundamentally strong shares,it won't fail.