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E-Gold,E-Silver,E-Platinum...... etc.

    Now,Things are changed.No need to worry about volatility in stock market and world recession.Metals are stll continuing the growth trend.
      Examine the movement of Gold,Silver,Steel etc over the last decade.
     The Uptrend is only because of shortage of metals and huge mining cost.
      In this scenario, people can add metals in their portfolio by Electronic metals  from National Spot Exchange.National Spot Exchange offers the products such as  E-Gold ,E-Silver, E-Copper, E-Zinc, E-Lead, E-Nickel and E-Platinum.
      Gold and platinum is traded at 1 gram and silver at 100 grams per unit.
      Minimum size of other metals are 1 kg per unit.
      Any body can buy and hold  E-Metals with their demat account.
      As we know, Diversification of Portfolio is very important for wise investing.
      So,E-Metals will be a good option for Retail Investors.
       Another chance for systematic investment planning like doing in mutual funds or ETFs.
      E-Metals Prices on 3rd May 2012 are given below.
SymbolUnitBuy PriceSell PriceBuyQtySellQtyLTPOpenHighLow
E-GOLD1 GRAMS2930.602942.00522930.602925.002944.002925.00
E-SILVER100 GRAMS5670.005674.50145674.505660.005724.505640.00
E-COPPER1 KGS515.10527.55101526.25526.00528.95525.40
E-ZINC1 KGS145.00146.3016146.00146.50146.80145.60
E-LEAD1 KGS150.05156.5010102154.15154.55155.25154.10
E-NICKEL1 KGS1257.001272.00351267.501259.001270.001256.50
E-PLATINUM1 GRAMS2974.002990.00162990.003050.003060.002952.00