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Mind and Personal finance.

            Self realization is considered as the most powerful thing for personality development.It  reveals you the condition of mind and soul.Personal finance keep direct connection with mind.Getting prosperity is not easy for agitated people.Calm and cool mindset is required to plan your savings and investments.Meditate and find out the answers for the following questions.It will help you for identifying  your  personality and create a new self for prosperity.

1.Do you have any life goal?If yes,where you stand now?
2.Can you maintain Quality and Ethics always?Believe in truth and values?
3.Are you open minded,friendly and tolerant ?or egoistic?
4.Do you respect your parents and friends ?
5.Have you permitted loneliness and procastination into your life?
6.Do you ever fell into fraudulent activities and crime?
7.Do you believe in your capabilities ?
8.Ready to overcome any kind of  hurdles and Obstacles?
9.Can you work,rest and sleep well ?
10.Are you able to experience and enjoy  each moments of life?

Check and evaluate your answers.If you have found clear life goal,values,selfconfidence and ethics in mind,you can start personal financial planning.The halfway is done.