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Professional Online trading.

ors make hurdles and spoil their confidence.
  How can make money from online trading? I think, this is the game of your subconscious mind.  Successful Investors such as Warren buffet and Peter lynch used value investing or bottom fishing.Means,they bought stocks at cheap price and got benefits such as dividend,bonus and capital appreciation.However,the case of a common trader is completely different.As per a survey at United states,only 12 % traders make profit.Why?Is it a high risky business?Yes.Trading is not video game of kids.It needs patience,professionalism and continuity.
      Following things are important for success as professional trader.
       1. Start small.Margin is not  luxury.Fix your quantity and lot size first.
       2. Be disciplined;never change trade size.
       3.Book your profit always.Be happy with small targets.Don't be greedy or panic.
       4.Practice stop loss orders.Accept small losses for protecting from unexpected  huge crashes.
       5.Control your emotions.Over trading is mental illness and slavery.
     Trading success arise from Mind power.Because.Market trend is the result of mass p`sychology.Good traders never cheated by the blinking at trading platforms.They use Charting softwares and apply their common sense.Practical wisdom,timing and fast actions are crucial than indicators and patterns.Practice make perfect!